Submitting an Approved CV

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How to submit an aprroved CV plus CV Tips!

Submitting a Hospital Approved CV


SA International (SAI) Outsourcing and Recruitment is a worldwide agency which receives and reviews many resumes each day from candidates applying for medical careers in the Gulf States. When reviewing CVs, we find that the majority of our Physicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Medical Technologists and Lecturers candidates overlook the same simple, but costly, error on their resumes which could potentially impact how prospective employers view their application. What simple error is that? It is neglecting to publish detailed information such as contact numbers and email address, education background and work history. 

SAI works closely with many candidates and hospitals across many different time zones.  Due to the time differences between our candidates, office base (Houston, TX), and colleagues in the Gulf States, it is often very difficult to establish immediate communication should we, the agency, or hospital have any further questions regarding the candidate and his or her credentials. Due to these circumstances, it is vital to submit the most detailed CV as possible. 

When submitting your resume for evaluation, please refer to the below checklist to ensure your CV complies with hospital guidelines by including the following information:

CV / Resume Checklist

  1. Personal Information- Full name, Date of Birth, Citizenship Status
  2. Contact Information – Mobile Phone, Landline Phone, Home Address, and Email Address
  3. Educational Details- University Name, Date Graduated, Degree, Etc.
  4. Experience Details- Date Hired (from-to), Area of assignment, Position Title, Name of Hospital / Employer
  5. License
  6. Board/Registration – Examples are not limited but include American Board, Canadian Board, GMC, FRCP, FRCR, MRCP


You may also include the following optional information:

o   Hospital Bed Capacity

o   Cases handled

o   Duties

o   List of Surgical Procedures (if MD)


Should you wish to apply, please send your CV to