Al Ain Hospital

Al Ain Hospital, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

With more than 300 doctors and 35 specialties at Al Ain Hospital, we treat 18,000 in-patients and 320,000 out-patients every year, as well as 350 emergency cases per day.

Our collaboration with Vienna Medical University and its renowned tertiary-care Vienna General Hospital, as well as with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at UAE University, means that our patients can benefit from an unequalled pool of medical expertise.

Besides delivering a full range of medical and surgical services, Al Ain Hospital is the only facility providing in-patient behavioral sciences and psychological services in the area, as well as introducing new services to the community including an Emergency Stroke Unit and a Diabetes Centre.

2010 was a successful year of renovation and development, including achieving JCI accreditation and developing the Simulation Centre for training in surgery and obstetrics. We have continued to improve and add a number of programs in 2011, such as the Retinal and Hand Surgery programs, the Proctology Centre and an Angiography Service. The newly renovated Emergency Department has also been opened and the Trauma and Rehabilitation services have been identified as areas of excellence.