Armed Forces Hospital

Armed Forces Hospital, Al-Hada, Saudi Arabia

This modern, acute care facility located 10 miles to the northwest of Taif opened in 1980. Extensive medical and nursing services are offered including open heart surgery and kidney transplant. The hospital provides the latest state of the art care in renal medicine (dialysis), burn care, general intensive care and coronary care, obstetrics & gynecology, neo-natal includes over 160 physicians, the majority of which are western educated and board certified, with a resident staff of 25.

The nursing staff employs about 140 western nurses and an additional staff (about 250) of RNS, LPNs and aides under the direction of a strong nursing administrative staff.

Ancillary services include comprehensive laboratory facilities and staffing, extensive radiological services including MRI and CAT scan, respiratory therapy, physical therapy and pharmacy. Housing for expatriate is located inside the Hospital’s complex and it is within walking distance from the Hospital. The Hospital’s complex contains excellent recreational facilities for its staff.