SA International (SAI) and its staff are dedicated to serving you and your professional medical careers in Saudi Arabia. Our mission is to find suitable jobs in the Gulf States as well as making the transition process as smooth and convenient as possible. It is instrumental for our agency to maintain a close professional relationship with the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Washington D.C., the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) Attaché office in Washington D.C. and the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) office in Fairfax, Virginia with whom we work closely with to obtain the proper documentation for our clients in the United States.

On Thursday November 14, 2019, Suleiman Arabie, Managing Director of SAI, and Juleen Arabie, Recruitment Manager, traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend several successful meetings with the above-mentioned offices to strengthen our relationship and improve the lines of communication on each end. They met with head associates from each agency and His Excellency the Saudi Consulate to become more familiar with the staff, new rules and regulations.