Dr. Sulaiman Habib Medical Center

Dr. Sulaiman Habib Medical Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HMG is currently operating 9 Medical Facilities, including 7 Hospitals and 3 Medical Centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE. HMG has under its umbrella 4 new projects in various phases; Including:

  • Al-Takhasusi Hospital a multi-specialty hospital with the Largest heart surgery center in the private sector.
  • The University Medical Center in Bahrain, to start operation soon.
  • A full-fledged 416-bed hospital located in Al Khober.
  • The Medical City Project in Riyadh, the largest in the private sector of GCC.

HMG is committed to bringing the most advanced medical technology available, attract highly qualified and distinguished medical professionals and equipped with the most advanced technology to maintain the quality services offered to our patients. All our Medical facilities are operated according to the highest International Standards.