Magrabi Hospital and Medical Clinic Centers

Magrabi Hospital and Medical Clinic Centers, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al-Mughrabi Hospital and Centers are located in all major cities in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. In Saudi Arabia Mughrabi Hospitals are located in the following cities:

  • 1. Jeddah
  • 2. Riyadh
  • 3. Mecca
  • 4. Demmam
  • 5. Madinah
  • 6. Taif
  • 7. Khammis – Mushayf

There are more than 18 hospitals and centers for the diagnosis, treatment and surgeries of the eye diseases.

All medical consultants at Mughrabi hospitals and clinics hold the highest certification and degrees in the world. For instance; College of Bascom Balmer for Ophthalmology Wellmer College for Ophthalmology at John Hopkins University Louisiana College.

Majority of Mughrabi Hospitals and Centers provides, Ophthalmology Ear, Nose, Throat and dental medical services.