Rachel’s testimonial for SA International!

Dear SA International,

I highly recommend SA International for any potential prospects interested in traveling as an expat in the Middle East.

In the beginning, I e-mailed Mr. Arabie in November 2013 to alert him of my interest in applying my medical skills with international hospitals. It it is now August 2014 and at the end of my application journey.

After passing my registry exams, I contacted SA International and was introduced to Mr. Suleiman Arabie who found various hospitals with current openings in my field. I prepared and packaged the application, passport, licensure, recommendations, and certifications. In only a few weeks, SA International negotiated a commensurate salary compared to the comprehensive package in the states. A few weeks later, the hospital accepted and offered me a job as an OB/GYN ultrasound sonographer. Subsequently, Mr. Arabie sent over all the official paperwork to be filled out and I signed my new job offer.

The most difficult part was filling out the medical clearance form. It was very detailed. Please note, I cannot over emphasize that every single line must be filled out. With more contracts forwarded, I also signed my job expectations, a cleared police report, and five passport photos. Once submitted, I anxiously waited and finally cleared to receive my VISA stamped passport as well as I received all my paperwork stamped by the Saudi embassy. These critical documents are now held in a safe place in order to submit in person upon arrival at my hospital of employment.

Lastly, as I await my flight itinerary, I am so grateful for this opportunity, and blessed to be associated with a well-received recruiting agency. Even though it has been almost a year, the most reassuring quality with SA International is their prompt, professional responses to e-mail.

As an American trying to navigate through the process of applying for a career opportunity overseas, I’ve asked many questions, and am confident that after every e-mail, not more than five minutes goes by before either Mr. Arabie or someone on his team responds and reassures me. I am ecstatic that SA International not only sees me as an asset and values my questions and concerns but also feels confident in my OB/GYN ultrasound skill set.