Happy New Year from SA International!

We wish you a prosperous 2015!!!

This year in our office we’ve decided to make a few New Year’s resolutions in order to help us be more efficient in better serving you!

One of our resolutions is to implement more green living methods, such as reducing paper waste. Not only will we be benefiting the environment but it will also assist us in reducing clutter and increasing organization.

Another resolution of ours is to speed up productivity between hospital and candidate communication. One way you as a candidate can help us do this is by having the following documents ready when you apply:

Your complete CV which includes the following:

  • Personal Information- Full name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Contact Information, Etc.
  • Educational Details- University Name, Date Graduated, Degree, Etc.
  • Experience Details- Date Hired (from-to), Position Title, Company Name
  • Copies of degree(s)/education certificate(s)
  • Copies of medical license and/or registration, if applicable
  • Copies of American Board(s), if applicable
  • 3 reference letters, signed and on letterhead
  • Copy of passport

You don’t necessarily need all these documents to apply but it’s helpful for the institutions to have when considering your application. Typically, the hospitals will ask for them soon after receiving your CV and some hospitals require the documents along with the CV so let’s work together to place you in a position that best suits you and your family’s needs as swiftly as possible!

Help us welcome a more prosperous year in 2015!