Many candidates during their beginning phase of their job search ask; how their interviews will be held since they are applying for overseas posts? Many Hospitals, Educational Institutions and Private Sectors in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates still use traditional phone interviews; however, with the recent technology surge in the Middle East many have begun to conduct video conferencing in place of the traditional phone interviews. With all the technology we have available today many of the top employers prefer to use Gmail Video Chat and Skype to conduct their interviews.

If you are new to video conferencing do not worry, there are many online videos to help you. Click the below link to view our favorite video for Gmail Video Conferencing.

Tips To Prepare For Video Conferencing:

  • Components Check
    Check to see your PC, Tablet, and or Laptop have the needed software and hardware to conduct a successful video conference.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
    Using the specified software rehearse your interview with a friend or family member.
  • Appropriate Space for Conducting Interview
    Choose a quiet room or office to conduct your interview. Be conscience of what is in the room as well as, the noise level, lighting, clutter, traffic; remember that this interview will be the employers’ first impression of you.
  • Connection Lost
    In case the internet connection is lost or a glitch occurs during your interview make sure the employer has a landline and or mobile phone number to reach you. We advise all our candidates to have their mobile and landline phone as a backup in case of these mishaps.

If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at SA INTERNATIONAL